Woody B.A. Superstar

Woody BA Superstar? Yes he certainly is!! Woody is perfect in every way- he is super sweet to handle, used in our lesson and camp program on a regular basis- lovely at dressage, beautiful willing jumper, loves trail riding. Will do it all! Perfect for farrier and trailering. 

Woody has experience taking adult amateurs and kids to their first dressage competitions and scoring high 60's and 70's at Training Level. He also has experience with amateurs in the hunter jumper arena competing 2'3" and is successfully schooling 2'6" at home. Woody is also a very joyful eventer, and has taken two people to their first events ever at the Starter Level. He has also schooled up through Beginner Novice XC and schooled water, banks, ditches, and combinations. 
Woody would make a great addition to any farm, and would gladly take on any career his rider could dream of; so long as they give the love and cuddles he deserves!

Price: $30,000

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