Our working student program provides the ability for those interested in helping with things like lessons, chores, feed, and more to earn credit towards things like lessons and independent rides.

Those interested in joining our working student program should be;

     - 12 years or older

     - be a rider at our farm

    - have a fun and energetic attitude

    - be able to work with people from all ages and backgrounds

    - responsible and capable of independent time management

    - ready to learn and always willing to ask questions

​    - always on time!

Those who participate in the program get to; 

​     -earn lessons or independent rides

     - learn horsemanship skills and care

​     - have a ton of fun around different horses and people!

The job includes tasks such as;

     - feed and watering

     - barn chores

​     - different horse care such as thrush treatment, bathing, braiding, blanketing, etc. 

     -  cleaning tack

     - assisting with exercising horses and tacking them up for training rides

     - arena maintenance and jump course building (a great learning experience!) 

Hours spent working will be logged and credited towards lessons or independent rides. If you are interested in becoming a working student contact one of your instructors.