Catie Pletcher, Natural Horsemanship Instructor

Jennifer  has had a passion for horses from birth, focusing all of her ability on learning everything equestrian. At age 9 she bought her first horse, Erin, a three year old Quarter Horse, who taught her so much as they both advanced in their ability. As a long standing Member of Lion Country Pony Club, Jennifer competed at the local and national levels, attending Pony Club national competitions in many riding disciplines including Dressage,Hunters, Jumping, Gaming, Trail Challenges,and her primary focus, Eventing. Ranking first in Nationals as a Quadrille Team in 2008 with Lion Country Pony Club and also competing in First Level Dressage in 2009 at the National Pony Club Level.

In 2012, Jenn spent a year working for Olympian, Boyd Martin. Here she not only gained valuable experience riding top level horses with top level riders, but also gained experience in horse management at this advanced level.  The ability to mentor under an eventing team at this level provided Jennifer with a remarkable learning experience that she is happy to share with her students. 

Currently, Jennifer proudly serves as the District Commissioner of Lion Country Pony Club as a volunteer to pass on her passion to our next generation of horse lovers. Jennifer enjoys teaching all levels . She is also bringing up and training several young horses.

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Janice Wilson began working with horses at the age of 10. By the time she was 13 she was competing in Arabian breed shows throughout Michigan. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics with a minor in Physics at Cedarville University. While in college, she worked for a private farm in Ohio, exercising race horses. Her abilities led fellow boarders and friends to request training and lessons. During her 35 years of riding, Janice has received training in the disciplines of Dressage, Western and Jumping.

Janice specializes in teaching horsemanship to new and young riders. Her years of experience on a wide variety of breeds gives her unique insight into how to match new riders with the appropriate horses. In addition, her relaxed teaching style is perfect for the beginner, intermediate and returning rider. She is committed to helping her students obtain the foundational skills of riding and horse-care in a safe, fun, and supportive environment. She believes in the importance of developing a relationship between horse and rider that reflects a partnership in which each values and respects the other. 

Janice Wilson, Riding Instructor

Certified Equus Coach

Equus coaching, or Equine-facilitated learning, uses horses to facilitate big learning and change for individuals and groups. 
As non-verbal creatures, horses mirror our unconscious messaging clearly and easily and their feedback is offered without judgement or agenda. They are powerful yet gentle catalysts for a wide variety of self-analysis and improvement. This program offers a brilliant way to learn, integrate and apply valuable personal and interpersonal skills. 

What to expect…
A private session will step you through a series of safe, guided exercises with an equine partner in a round pen. Your reward will be insight that is widely applicable to all aspects of your life. The round pen experience usually mirrors exactly the patterns and challenges you face in your day-to-day life, so your time in that space is designed to equip you to not just learn, but also apply different strategies for your personal and professional growth. 

Our Riding Instructors

Summer began her riding career when she was eight years old. She competed in her first event at the age of nine. Her love of horses and competition led her to Young Riders, a program supervised by the USEA (United States Eventing Association). She is also a Pony Club  As an adult, she has continued to participate in eventing competitions and looks forward to competing at the Advanced Level.

At the age of 17, she began training horses professionally and managing an equine facility  in Northern California. She spent two years as Assistant Trainer at Millcreek Equestrian Center in Southern California. 

Jennifer Neely, Riding Instructor and Trainer

Summer Cogan, Riding Instructor