Taking the Reins is our non-profit program for underprivileged kids.  We have teamed with the Centre County Youth Service Bureau to offer girls aged 12-20 the opportunity to attend this unique program at Buffalo Run Farm. This program is held weekly and is designed to build independence and confidence through a relationship with horses. Starting with a shared dinner and social time, we spend a total of three hours sharing our passion for horses.

With horses, much like many other things in life, we start out with a lead-line - a guideline from a leader maintaining control and guiding our paths as we navigate our way with our equestrian partner. Eventually, we all need to “Take the reins!" Taking the reins requires a sense of self-control and fine tuning that allows us in a confident and fair way to motivate and direct our 1000+ pound partners to achieve a relationship like no other.

Beginning our program with an introduction to basic horse safety and handling, we will not only allow participants the opportunity to lead, groom and handle a horse, but also teach the dynamic herd relationships that develop. Horses mainly communicate through non-verbal behavior. Our body language and mannerisms can largely affect the comfort level of our herd members whether they be human or equestrian. The first week allows participants to gain an insight into how these relationships develop and evolve.

After obtaining an understanding of groundwork with horses, we move to mounted activities. Beginning basic skills on a lead-line allows participants the opportunity to safely gain experience and confidence in the saddle, while our guides maintain a safe environment in which to grow.

Our goal is that all of participants learn to “Take the Reins” in life. We want them to develop a level of confidence the allows them to operate independently and establish the finesse and self-control to partner with those encounter in our lives.

Taking The Reins